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What We Believe

The Bible, God, and Mankind

We believe the Bible is perfect and without error. It was inspired by God. God used men as instruments to pen down his perfect word.


There is one true God who reveals himself in three distinct persons: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Each part of the Godhead are distinct yet completely unified. God is perfect and Holy.


Every man no matter the race or culture is made in the image of God. God created each one male and female in his image. In Genesis chapter 3 man became subject to sin. Sin was imputed to each man because the first Adam fell short of God’s glory. We believe there is no hope in the flesh and that our physical nature’s desire is to fulfill its own desires.


The Church and Family


A New Testament church of the Lord Jesus Christ is an autonomous local congregation of baptized believers. We believe the church is the community of all true believers for all time.


God has ordained the family as the foundational institution of human society. It is composed of persons related to one another by marriage, blood or adoption. Marriage is the uniting of one man and one woman in covenant commitment for a lifetime. The husband and wife are of equal worth before God, since both are created in God’s image.


A husband is to love his wife as Christ loved the church. He has the God-given responsibility to provide for, to protect, and to lead his family. A wife is to submit herself graciously to the servant leadership of her husband even as the church willingly submits to the headship of Christ. She, being in the image of God as is her husband and thus equal to him, has the God-given responsibility to respect her husband and to serve as his helper in managing the household and nurturing the next generation. Children, from the moment of conception, are a blessing and heritage from the Lord. Parents are to demonstrate to their children God’s pattern for marriage.



We believe Salvation is due to the work of Jesus Christ through His life and his death. We believe He is the only way to Heaven. A whole page has been dedicated to discussing this topic in more detail. Please see the attached page which highlights the transformational power of the gospel.

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Pastor:                                     Greg Wolfe
Children’s Ministry Leaders:  Jon & Jacqe Wright
College Ministry Leader:        Adam Griffin
Youth Ministry Leader:           Jim Thornton
Worship Leader:                     Travis Matthews

Ministry Groups


 Children’s Ministry


Youth Ministry

College and Career Ministry

Sunday School Classes (For all ages)

VIP Ministry

Music Ministry

Service Opportunities:
  • Security Team
  • Shut In Ministry
  • Audio/Media Ministry
  • Nursery
  • Small Group/Sunday School Leader
  • Kitchen Ministry
  • Church-wide Events
  • And Much More……
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